Project Prism at Cornell University is a four-year effort to investigate and develop the policies and mechanisms needed for information integrity in digital libraries. The project focuses on the following areas:

  • Preservation - long term survivability of information in digital form.
  • Reliability - predictable availability of information resources and services.
  • Interoperability - open standards that allow widest sharing of information among providers and users.
  • Security - attention to both the privacy rights of users of information and the intellectual property rights of content creators.
  • Metadata -structured information that makes it possible to ensure information integrity in digital libraries.

Project Prism is a collaboration of uniquely skilled librarians, computer scientists, evaluation experts, and international testbed participants.   This collaboration brings extensive real-world experience and expertise to rethinking traditional library integrity requirements, redefining them in a world of distributed content and services, and developing and implementing practical solutions. The project continues the track record of digital library and computer science research at Cornell in deploying research in practical real-world solutions.

A full description of our initial research plans is available in our original proposal.